The Cure

A decaying greenhouse beckons from the banks of a mighty river. A group of doctors, patients and figures from mythology are pulled from different moments in history into the shelter of its glass walls by a common search – they are all seeking a cure for their condition, something that will transcend certain fate and immobilize death. In this magical purgatory, haunted by mythic figures, snake-oil salesmen and angels, time is frozen and a bargain can be struck. The seekers must confront their own desire to stay stuck. How can we risk hope when a cure is nowhere to be found? What do we sacrifice when we fight to keep things the same? How much loss must we endure? Following the ancient rhythms of Greek and Hindu mythology, set to a Viennese Waltz and pulling from the canon of 1980’s heartbreak power ballads, The Cure looks at how we plant the seeds of hope in an uncertain future and where we can find the strength to continue searching for a cure.


Director: Kendra Miller
Stage Manager: Dina Klahn
Assistant Director: Alex Rodriguez
Production Manager: Noah Applebaum
Scenic: Isaac Fosl-van Wyke
Costumes: Jeffrey Hancock
Lighting: Michael Banks
Sound: Cooper Forsman with Ryan Ingebritsen
Co-created and performed by the Walkabout ensemble: Nigel Brown, McCambridge Dowd-Whipple, Cooper Forsman, Dana Murphy, Katie Mazzini, Thom Pasculli, and Paul Scudder with special guest collaborators Anirudh Nair and Amba-Suhasini Jhala
With commissioned text by Emma Stanton