directed by Thom Pasculli 
created with the Walkabout Ensemble
vocal specialist Fides Krucker
and Delhi’s Guild of the Goat
with original text by Morgan McNaught

Upcoming In-process Previews!
May 19-21 @ Links Hall and June 2-3 @ Physical Theater Festival Chicago!

Walkabout is collaborating with Canadian vocalist Fides Krucker and Delhi-based ensemble Guild of the Goat with text from Morgan McNaught to create The Raveling, an avant-garde family history drama that teases apart the knotted expectations of coming together for dinner. In a surrealist interweaving of personal narratives, song, fairy tales, and food preparation the cast grapples with the dissonance between the need to belong and the agitation of organizing one’s life around other people.

THE RAVELING is co-created and performed by Walkabout ensemble members Nigel Brown, McCambridge Dowd-WhippleCooper ForsmanDana Murphy and Katie Mazzini, with Anastacia Narrajos and Guild of the Goat ensemble members Anirudh Nair and Amba-Suhasini Jhala.

THE RAVELING production team includes: Shanyn Strub (stage manager), Sonya Madrigal (asst. director), Dina Marie Saubert(lighting design), Myron Elliott-Cisneros (costume design), Dominique Zaragoza (scenic design), Nyssa Lowenstein (operations manager), and Rose Mozier (Walkabout intern)

What is the work of coming undone? In The Raveling, each family member follows the thread of an old story, an inherent lie, a childhood promise, or a shared fantasy that leads them from homeleaving to homecoming and back again. Inspired by true personal narratives of the performers, there is a living question for the ensemble in tracing something of where they each come from and asking what is needed for them to come together.

Presented in partnership with Links Hall (3111 N Western Ave) in celebration of Links’s 40th Anniversary Year for three work-in-progress showings: Sunday, May 19 @ 1pm / Monday, May 20 @ 7pm / Tuesday, May 21 @ 7pm

Presented at Physical Theater Festival Chicago: Fresh (Stage 773, 1225 Belmont Ave) Sunday, June 2 @ 8:30 / Monday, June 3 @ 9

June 4, 2019
Workshop with Walkabout Theater and Guild of the Goat
Action Group Body and Song
Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago
Workshop times: Tuesday, June 4th 10am to 1pm
Tickets $50. Tickets are currently available at